Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates (formerly the Water Assembly)

2010  14th Annual Water Assembly


2025 ... A Water Prophecy?

Wet or Dry?
Rich or Poor?
Green or Brown?
At Peace or War?

Saturday, June 12, 2010
Fourteenth Annual Water Assembly
UNM Dane Smith Hall

        Link to 14th Annual Assembly Flyer (0.3 MB)

Affiliations of speakers are listed for informational purposes only.              TheSpeakers served as volunteer individuals, not as representatives of their respective organizations.

 8:00                Registration and Continental Breakfast
link to introductory slides   (0.5 MB)

  9:00   Welcome, Introduction and Background

                   Tim Karpoff, Facilitator
            Kevin Bean, Water Assembly President
link to introductory background handout  (0.1 MB)
link to the Water Plan's recommendation list  (0.1 MB)
link to progress items since the Plan's acceptance (0.1 MB)

  9:10   Overview- Middle Rio Grande FuturesProject;

                   John Brown, Story Coordinator
link to audio  (3.6 MB)

  9:20   WaterBudgeting - Considerationsfor 2010 and 2025

                        FrankTitus, Hydrogeologist
link to audio  (11.0 MB)

  9:35   KeyFuture Trends

                        JesseRoach, Hydrologist,
            presented by BethRichards, Engineer/Scientist,
   Both with Sandia National Laboratories
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link to audio  (4.2 MB)

  9:50   OtherProphecies, Other Views

                        Introduction- Tim Karpoff, Facilitator
            Video - Peter Pino, Annual Water Assembly 2007
            Video - Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance 1982

10:15               Break

10:30   2025Middle Rio Grande Prophecy-
            The Story

                        Introduction- Kevin Bean   
link to slide  (0.1 MB)
            Narrative - Recorded by Sheina MacCormic
link to audio  (14.5 MB)   
link to photographs  (2.4 MB)
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10:40               2025Middle Rio Grande Prophecy-
            Selected Technical Views
link to technical background papers (0.4 MB)    
link to panel introduction audio  (2.2 MB)

                        Energy- Bruce Thomson, Hydrologist,
            Dir. UNM Water Resources Program
link to audio  (2.9 MB)
            Environment - Janet Jarratt, Dairy Farmer,
   ESA Collaborative Program
link to audio  (2.4 MB)
            Economy - Lee Reynis, Economist
link to audio  (2.1 MB)
            Fire - Howard Passell, Ecologist, Computer Modeler
            Sandia National Laboratories
link to slides  (0.2 MB)
link to audio  (3.1 MB)
            Policies and Permits - Elaine Hebard, Volunteer
link to slides and text  (0.8 MB)
link to audio  (3.8 MB)
            Climate - David Gutzler, Climate Researcher at UNM
link to slide  (0.3 MB)
link to audio  (3.2 MB)
            Agriculture - Janet Jarratt, Dairy Farmer
   MRGCD Board President
link to audio  (3.6 MB)

11:30   WhatAre Your Thoughts - PlenaryDiscussion
link to audio  (9.5 MB)

12:00   Introductionto Election of Directorsby Advocacies

                        KevinBeanlink to Advocacy Group definitions

  (0.1 MB)

12:10   Lunch (separate tables for each Advocacy Group,
                elect two directors, one alternate)

  1:00   Keynote:Thoughts for a BetterFuture

            link to audio  (20.9 MB)

  1:20                           AdditionalScenarios - Priorities toForce Action

                        Introduction- John Brown
Plenary Discussion - Tim Karpoff, Facilitator
link to audio  (13.4 MB)

  2:30               Summaryof Plenary Discussion -
     Next Steps to Move Forward

                        TimKarpoff, Facilitator

                         2:25                Drawingfor Door Prize

  2:30                           Adjourn

  2:45               NewBoard of Directors -PersonalIntroductions, ScheduleNext Meeting



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