Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates (formerly the Water Assembly)

2011  15th Annual Water Assembly


Choosing Our Future
Phase II of the Futures Project

Saturday, November 5, 2011
Fifteenth Annual Water Assembly
UNM Dane Smith Hall

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Background:  During Phase I of the Futures Project in 2009 and 2010, an interdisciplinary team of experts developed a scenario called "The Story," picturing a possible year 2025 future for the Middle Rio Grande region, Sandoval, Bernalillo, and Valencia Counties.  The team members also provided brief technical justifications in their respective fields of expertise.

In creating The Story, the expert team was asked to assume there would be no new policy changes after 2010.   The Story was presented at the Fourteenth Annual Water Assembly back in June 2010.  This Fifteenth Assembly starts Phase II of the Futures Project, which seeks to have diverse community members and leaders create four alternative 2025 scenarios, each scenario allowing for policy changes after 2010.  

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  8:00   Registration and Continental Breakfast
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  9:00   Welcome and Introduction
                        Kevin Bean, Water Assembly President
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  9:05   Background - The Futures Project- Purpose, Status and PlansJohn Brown, Water Assembly Treasurer
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  9:20   Scenarios and Scenario Planning -The Concept
            JackJekowski, Scenario Planner
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  9:50   Futures Project Scenarios - Approachfor the Day
            LucyMoore, Lead Facilitator
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10:20                           Break - Continental Breakfast Left Overs

10:30   Four Breakout Groups to Develop Scenarios:
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            Group1 - Cheap Water, Cheap Energy Scenario 
                     Victoria Garcia, Facilitator

            Group2 - Cheap Water, ExpensiveEnergy Scenario        
                     Yolynda Begay, Facilitator

            Group3 - ExpensiveWater,Expensive Energy Scenario   
                     Victoria Garcia, Facilitator

            Group4 - Expensive Water, CheapEnergy Scenario        
                     Mary Davis Hamlin, Facilitator

12:30   Election of Water Assembly Directors(during lunch)
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  1:30   30 Minute Plenary Review of EachScenario (report/discussion)
Jack Jekowski and Lucy Moore

CAUTION:  The "facilitator notes" below contain only the raw source data from which the Water Assembly will be working to derive coherent scenario descriptions..

    Group 1's Scenario - Water Cheap; Energy Cheap
           "Miracle Occurs;  What? Me Worry?"
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    Group 2's Scenario - Water Cheap; Energy Expensive
           "Hobbit Land"
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    Group 3's Scenario - Water Expensive; Energy Expensive
           "Coming to Our Sesnses"
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    Group 4's Scenario - Water Expensive; Energy Cheap
           "Energized but Thirsty"
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  3:30   Wrap Up and Next Steps    
            LucyMoore, Facilitator
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  4:00    Adjourn 15th Annual Water Assembly

  4:05               NewBoard of Directors Meeting
                 P                 ersonalIntroductions, ScheduleNext Meeting

  4:15    Adjourn Board of Directors Meeting  


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