Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates (formerly the Water Assembly)


Governance Study Group

  The Regional Water Planning Update Process

Background -The New Mexico Water Dialogue held a meeting on July 28, 2015 of water planners from regions across the state at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge.  The topic was lessons learned from the current regional water planning update process.  Twelve of the sixteen regions in the state as well as the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) were represented.  A wide range of positive and negative experiences were reported and described in the facilitator's meeting summary

Governance Study Group - As a result of the discussions, a self-selected set of folks from around the state, including several Water Assembly participants, agreed to have some follow-up meetings to study aspects of issues that had been raised and to make recommendations on how to proceed. One of the primary otpics was the means for governance of water in the state.  The group, called "Governance Study Group" (GSG), met numerous times by teleconference and in person.  They produced a report consisting of an introduction and six issue papers (links below).  The group will contunue to meet with the general objective of addiing detail and promoting implementation of the recommendations.  

The GSG Report -The report was issued on December 4, 2015 and reviewed with the ISC staff.  Staff seemed to concur with most of the recommendations and requested the group to proceed further. 

             Download The Entire Report

                 Download Individual Issue Papers:

                      Introduction and Summary
                      Governance and Institutional Arrangements
                      Strengthening Linkages
                      Public Participation
                      Tribal Participation
                      Technical Information
                      Water Rights Adjudication

Comment and/or Participate - Please send a message if you have comments on the report and/or would like to participate with the ongoing activities of the group 


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