Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates (formerly the Water Assembly)


The Water Award

Water-Oriented Science Fair Projects

Background – The Water Assembly was the major participant in developing the Middle Rio Grande Regional Water Plan, for Sandoval, Bernalillo and Valencia Counties.  In 2004, the plan was accepted by all local governments in the region, and by the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission. 

Purpose of the Awards – The Water Assembly believes that science fair is one of the vehicles by which the regional water plan’s educational recommendations can be implemented.  The intent is to stimulate student interest in New Mexico’s water situation.

Special Award Offer – The Water Assembly offers four awards of $100 each at the Central New Mexico Science and Engineering Research Challenge (Regional Science Fair).  The Water Assembly’s Special Water Award program usually provides two prizes in the junior division and the other two in the senior division.  In addition, the Water Assembly seeks student permission to post the best water project reports on this website, WaterAssembly.org.  Click here for a list of recent winners.

Evaluation Criteria – We intend to award the prizes to the two projects in each division which best address problems and issues associated with water supply and/or water use in the desert.  Particular evaluation attention will be paid to the impact that the student activities and the project make in the broader community, either in development of the project or as a planned follow-on to the project. 

Candidate Topics/Issues – Applicable topics are widespread.  They could fit in any of the formal science fair categories.  Example sub-areas include use of water technologies, conservation methods, water chemical and/or biological qualities, measurements of quantities and efficiencies, community involvements and attitudes, effects on people, animals, plants, etc. 

The Water Assembly developed a list of potential science fair topics/issues (click here).  The list is based upon the set of recommendations in the Regional Water Plan.  We carefully do not intend the list to be limiting or complete.  Rather, we believe the list should be used as a stimulus for students to think and invent their own approaches to water-oriented issues/topics.  We expect that students could address these and other issues via physical experiment, and/or via neighborhood interviews/surveys, and/or via library/internet research.

Available Study Resources - Lots of information about water in the desert is available. As a starter, this website (WaterAssembly.org) contains the Regional Water Plan, analysis reports, and other water-related information for Sandoval, Bernalillo and Valencia Counties.  The website also provides links to many related websites including the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer, the New Mexico Environment Department, and the U.S. Geological Survey, which focus on water quantity, water quality, and water measurement, respectively.





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