Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates (formerly the Water Assembly)

Get Involved!!


Our water future is seen to be tenuous.  We're trying to build the political will to address the problems head-on.  The Water Assembly is actively soliciting participation in our projects.  Please contact our President explore opportunities for you to be effective in these all-important water issues.  The next Board of Directors meeting is listed on our home page.  You are welcome to participate in the session with your ideas and/or to volunteer to advance any of our projects.

Leading toward an update of the Middle Rio Grande Regional Water Plan, the Water Assembly is seeking to raise public awareness of water issues in the region. Our main efforts at this time are as follows:  

1.         TheMRGFutures Project


2.         TheWater Awardat the AnnualRegional Science Fair

3.         Conducting the Annual Water Assembly convocation (16th in 2012)

4.         Monitoring Implementation of the Regional Water Plan

5.         Participating and Coordinating with Other Water Entities


Also, see some of our Recent Activities