Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates (formerly the Water Assembly)


Op Ed Series


A series of Op Ed Commentaries by participants in the Water Assembly have been published in the Tribune.  A list of topics and authors and a link to the Commentary is given below:

"A Drop in the Bucket" by Ed Payne on January 30, 2007

"Let's Talk Aqua" by Elaine Hebard on April 18,2007

"Wet expectations" by Kevin Bean on May 2, 2007

"Got Ethics" by Lynn Montgomery on May 10, 2007

"New Mexico needs to create a strong program to protect our rivers" by Steve Harris on May 24, 2007

"Surviving a Drought" by Bob Wessely on May 29, 2007

"State Needs Water Use Plan" by Consuelo Bokum May 31, 2007

"Thirsty for Answers" by Ed Payne (Elaine Hebard) on June 5, 2007

"Business of Water" by Martin Haines and Miichelle Henrie and  on June 12, 2007

"Water Decisions Need to be Based Both on Quantity and Quality" by Marty Mitchell on July 3, 2007

Its Time to Develop a Plan that Secures Water's Destiny in New Mexico by Frank Titus on November 30, 2007

Upstream Storage by Kick Kreiner, Rob Leutheuser and Susan Kelly

In addition, the following Commentaries relating to water issues are included:

Preserving Our Water is Greatest Challenge the City, State Faces by V.B. Price in the Tribune on February 23, 2008

Life in the Age of Consequences by Courtney White published in the Journal

Fifty Years of Mismanagement with no Lessons Learned by Kay Matthews published in La Jicarita News at http://lajicarita.org/currentissue.htm


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